Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Now for Sale: Toddler Dinosaur Hat

After years of wanting to pursue my dream of owning an Etsy shop, I opened one last year with the express purpose of making and selling diaper bags for concealed carrying women. Well that never happened. I sold a few things that had nothing to do with concealed carry, or diaper bags, and then my shop was empty for months. I realized that with three kids I just didn't have the time to create the bags that I wanted. Insert sad face here. So I've changed the focus of my shop. I will now be offering adorable crocheted toys for babies and toddlers. 

Dinosaur hats! 
Crocheting is easier for me to do while being home with the kids all day. I can easily carry it around with me, putting it down and picking it back up whenever I have a spare moment. I enjoy doing hand work, and with the smaller projects they are quicker to complete. 

Theo was not enjoying pictures that day. He DID NOT want to sit still. 

Right now I have these adorable blue and green dinosaur hats for sale. These will be my focus for awhile because they are quick to make and choosing the color scheme is so dang fun! And making them custom is so easy. All you have to do is choose two colors and bam, a custom hat is made! I also have a purple dinosaur hat with green scales that I'm working on now and I haven't decided if I'm going to give it to my niece or put it up for sale.

Isn't Patty the cutest?
I will have more products for sale in the shop now that I have something easier to focus on.Someday I'll go back to my original idea to sell diaper bags for moms who conceal carry, but this year is not that day.

Check back in the shop often for new products! I'll also be posting them on the blog, so look here as well. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Holidays? Humbug, I say!

Many people give me troubled glances, others mumble "well to each his own, I guess," while secretly feeling sorry for my children, and others just right call me a holiday Scrooge. All of this happens because (drumroll, please) I don't get into the BIG holidays or even birthdays.

There I said it, and I know many of you probably gasped, or called me a heretic. But it's true, holidays really aren't my thing, nor are birthdays. Let me give you some examples to illustrate.

For Halloween this year my preschooler borrowed a Batman costume at the last minute (today) in order to dress up for class tomorrow. We won't be taking our kids trick-or-treating. We will be taking them to their grandparent's house for a special treat, though, so it's not without some perks. But we have no plans to ever take them trick-or-treating (we don't like it, or the amount of candy they get). I don't even decorate for this holiday.

We don't do Santa at Christmas; nor do we do Elf-on-the-Shelf. Christmas at our house comprises a tree, some presents, and 25 days of learning about Jesus and the important role he played on earth and in our own lives.

Easter isn't about the Easter Bunny at our house. He and candy are noticeabl absent.

New Year's, what's that? With little kids in the house we all go to bed as quickly as possible.

Birthdays include a dinner at home, and some presents. We try to do something fun together as a family, but hardly ever have big parties. We only ever have parties with Alan's side of the family because my mother-in-law mentions that they would like to celebrate the boys too (which is awesome, and she is awesome for thinking of us). My birthday? Don't even get me started. As long as someone says happy birthday to me, I'm good. That's all I need.

So I'm kind of lame about many "fun" holidays, and I'm okay with that. For my family the usual traditions do not contribute happiness to our family, nor do they help uphold our family's priorities. Now, please don't get mad or offended. This is how my husband and I feel. What we do is what is right for OUR family. There is nothing wrong with the traditional ways to celebrate holidays and birthdays, we just don't do them. To show you that we still celebrate holidays and how to emphasize what's important to our family let me talk about those holidays that we do celebrate!

For Easter we have devotionals every day to talk about Jesus's final week on Earth. We discuss the Atonement and the implications it has on our lives. We use a wonderful book called "God So Loved the World" by Eric D. Huntsman (link) to format and focus our devotionals. The book outlines the events of each day of the Final Week. It has scriptures, historical background, and music to go along with each day. We use those scriptures  to teach our children about the Atonement and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

For Memorial Day we go to historic Camp Floyd and talk about the military during the Civil War. We have a picnic and spend time together as a family. We also try to stop by Alan's grandparents' graves and talk about their lives. Honoring our ancestors is important to us because we feel that families are forever. Knowing about those who have come before can help us know who we are, and what our family stands for.

For the Fourth of July we go to the zoo because for us it's free that day. Afterwards we have a little party with some close friends of ours. We haven't yet made it to the fireworks because of young children and bedtimes. Any holiday celebrating America or the military is big at our house because of my husband being in the military. This year for the Fourth, I'll try to help Karl understand exactly why this date is so important to our family. In years past I have felt that he was too young to wrap his head around the complex ideas that comprise the American Revolution.
Karl overcoming his fear of gorillas at the zoo this year.
Labor Day is spent with Alan's family at a family reunion, forging bonds of closeness with the cousins. Alan always loved going to a local water park with his mother's family every year as a kid, and so do my kids. It's one that helps forge good family bonds and so in my opinion is a huge win! This year was a little different because of financial constraints, but we still hung out with Alan's sister and her family. We took our awesome new canoe and made it quite a fun day.
Canoeing for Labor Day this year. 

Veteran's Day: we're starting a new tradition this year and going to the VA hospital to visit with war veterans and hear their stories. Honoring our veterans is EXTREMELY important to Alan since he knows so many and is serving in the military himself.

 I've always loved Thanksgiving, so I make a pretty big deal about that. I put together a gratitude craft and turkey crafts, and we spend time with extended family. Thanksgiving is a huge object lesson for teaching gratitude and I go all out for that.
Karl making a gratitude tree last year
As I said, Christmas we focus on Christ and have daily devotionals from December 1 until Christmas that talk about Jesus's life and teach our children uplifting music. We have a tree, and decorate it with homemade decorations together as a family. This year we'll be joining my parents and going up to the forest to cut our own tree. That's a tradition from my childhood that I love and that we are going to incorporate into our own family. On Christmas morning we eat homemade cinnamon rolls. Last year, my husband made them! We love Christmas at our house, but we just leave out Santa, the Elf, and other things that we think are frivolous and detract from the real season. We encourage service all year, but especially at Christmas time. Presents are made and bought for friends and family, showing the love we have for each.

Our beautiful Christmas tree last year
I do want to do a little more for birthdays in the future. I love my children and I'm so excited that they were born and are part of our family. I want them to know that, and so I feel that a celebration is in order. It will still probably not be a large celebration, but I will do everything I can to provide them a day that shows them that I love them so very much. And if that means a party with friends and games, then by golly I'll do it!

If Halloween ever becomes a big deal to my kids, then we will throw a little costume party, and maybe (MAYBE) even take them trick-or-treating.

I'm happy with our choice to do holidays our way. We have traditions that we all love, and that focus on what we want our children to focus on. I think that's what every family should strive to do. Focus on those special days (they don't even have to be real holidays!) that mean something to your family and make them a big deal. Don't get sucked into doing something that is bad for your health, or bad for your family just because of the bandwagon that everyone else is doing it. Make traditions that YOU love, and that help contribute to a happy family.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Arrival

Patrick Shughart Rosenhan made his way into the world this morning at 4:33 am. He is perfect and beautiful. I thank the Lord for blessing us with another baby, especially a boy.

I started having contractions Saturday evening that continued through the night. They were sporadic, but real, and so I was convinced that we would have a baby on Sunday. Imagine my disappointment when the contractions stopped at 5 am. I was emotionally distraught and physically exhausted. Sunday evening I had a few contractions, real but wimpy, and they lasted through the night.

Monday came. We took Theo to his 2 year well-child checkup, went to the library, and picked up dad from work, all while I was having sporadic contractions. Theo fell asleep before dinner so he and I missed Karl's last t-ball game. While they were at the game my contractions became regular, every 7 minutes lasting 30-45 seconds. I texted Rebecca (my midwife) telling her that I was pretty sure I'd have a baby soon. This may sound crazy, but after Theo woke up from his nap and the big boys returned from the t-ball game, the whole family went to Winco. Yes, I went grocery shopping while in labor. I enjoyed the trip as it helped keep my mind off contractions and all the walking was really nice.

Karl went to sleep soon after getting home. Theo, because of his nap, took longer. He and I finally fell asleep around 11 pm.

By 1 am I couldn't sleep anymore. The contractions were now a minute long and came every 7 minutes. They were intense, but I could still talk and smile so I didn't wake Alan. I spent some time in the bathtub which was nice for awhile, but by 3 am I needed support. I woke Alan, who stumbled around like a drunken sailor trying to set up the birth tub. I finally told him to not worry about it and to come lay with me in bed and give me support. He called Rebecca at 3:30 and then laid done and rubbed my back, supporting me through some intense contractions. My contractions never got closer than 5 minutes, and I was still happy between each one, so I was a little hesitant in having Alan call Rebecca, but I'm sure glad we did. Patrick came so quickly. In between these intense contractions, Alan and I talked rationally about how excited we were and how wonderful this all was.

Rebecca arrived at about 4 am and she and Alan set to work setting up the tub. I went through two terribly intense contractions and then got into the 1/3-of-the-way-full tub. After getting into the tub I felt like pushing. I was worried. I hadn't had time to get all the way dilated, had I? Labor had only really been going since 1 am, this was too fast! But my mind succumbed to the incredible pressure and I started to push.

My amniotic sack had not broken and as I pushed, the bag came out. This was a miracle. I tested positive for Group B Strep, but if baby was born in the sack we didn't have to worry about him catching it while in the birth canal. Pushing out the sack as well as Patrick made pushing a little bit harder and longer than with Theo.

The sack was coming and very soon I felt the head. A few pushes after the initial crowning and he was coming out! Plop! He slip out of me, popping his bag. Rebecca gently nudged him under my legs (I was on my knees with my arms on the edge of the tub) and I scooped him up. Alan asked excitedly, "what is it?" I hadn't thought to check. Earlier in the day I had had a moment of clarity, inspiration really, where I just knew that it was going to be a boy.

Then I heard crying; it was Karl. Perfect timing! Birthing at home meant that the boys could sleep in their own beds and not have to wake up and go anywhere. Alan went to get him and brought him to the kitchen where I was still in the tub cradling Patrick. Karl was instantly in love with Patrick and intrigued with the fact that I was no longer pregnant. It was such a perfect moment when my oldest and my youngest met for the first time.

This was by far my fastest, easiest, and best labor yet. I fully attribute that to the fact that I was at home, surrounded by my regular life, and my regular surroundings. There was no car ride to a hospital filled with people that I don't know, and sicknesses that aren't found at my home. I watched movies, read books, and ate while in labor. I did what I wanted and what felt right to me. Birthing at home is the best decision I have made. Being in a familiar environment had a lot to do with my fast labor. I also feel that Patrick knew I wanted him born before the boys woke up, and so he came quickly.

Now for his stats. Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz. Length: 20 inches. Head: 13 inches. He was born at 4:33 am, just 30 minutes after our wonderful midwife Rebecca arrived, and only 3.5 hours after hard labor began.

Rebecca Williams, my midwife, was wonderful! She has always been informative, open, and friendly. She was amazing at the birth! She knew exactly what to do. She stayed in the background most of the time and just let Alan and I do it. She never did an internal exam, only checked the baby's heart rate twice, and did not interfere until she gently pushed him under my legs after he was born. She sat with us and explained about the placenta, about all the reflex checking she was doing, and what she checked on his body to make sure he was healthy. Rebecca is the best midwife ever! I feel so privileged to have birthed with her.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Im sorry that I've been such a slacker lately. My pregnancy is kicking my butt and I've been stressed with work and other things. So we'll start with updates and then list some blogging goals I have for this year.

Pregnancy update: I'm 12 weeks along as of today. I haven't been throwing up, but I spent weeks 4-8 nauseated ALL the time. From week 8 until now I've been battling intense fatigue. All of this is normal pregnancy stuff, but I've never experienced it at quite this level. Both of my boys were incredibly easy (yes, I know, I'm lucky and I thank The Lord everyday for blessing me, I also ask him to bless all of you who don't have it easy. I've barely started to show, so no pictures of the bump yet. 

Sewing: For Christmas my mom bought me some beautiful knit from one of my favorite sites, Girl Charlee. I've been slowly turning this knit into maternity shirts. I'm going to be sharing those in the next week. 

The Family: Alan is doin well with his second semester of grad school. In his spare time he's been building the boys a bunk bed and fixing the car.

That's a picture of one of the oil puddles in our driveway. Ugh, our car is a mess right now. 

Karl and Theo had an amazing Christmas. They were spoiled by both sets of grandparents. We're blessed to have such great families. 
Big thanks to Uncle Nathan and Aunt Danica for the amazing tree!

This is Karl playing with the puzzles that Theo got for Christmas. Haha! It's funny how they switched a lot of toys. 

My parents came into town on the 26th. It was fun to spend time with them. I also got to spend time with my cousin Kari who lives in Ohio and my cousin Suzie. I love those ladies! 

Now for some more cute photos from Christmas time.

Okay, blogging. I'm sorry that I've been very MIA. My goal this year is to try and blog three times a week. I might be able to stop working in February and if that's the case then I can definitely reach this goal. But I ask patience of all if you if this doesn't happen every week. I'm swamped and sometimes feeling incredible stressed and want nothing more than to sit with a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book. I will try to keep you updated with our life at the very least. Thanks for reading and sticking with me! Happy new year! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekend Wonders--Food, Family and Frivolity

Okay so it's been more than a week since I posted anything, sorry about that. It's been busy and I haven't been feeling well this past week. But I'm back and doing great!

We spent Thanksgiving up in Idaho with my parents. All of my siblings and their spouses were there so it was a full house. We had a lot of fun hanging out and just being together. We ate a huge Thanksgiving meal full of family favorites and some new dishes. It was wonderful! 

We spent Friday canning homemade soup mix. That was crazy, but we had fun and got a lot accomplished. Alan used my Dad's tools and started the bunk bed that he's making for the boys' Christmas present. 

Karl and Theo spent a lot of time outside digging holes, playing baseball, and rough-housing. 

Friday evening, we went horseback riding with Karen. Alan and I had a blast! Theo enjoyed it as well but Karl threw a fit and wouldn't have anything to do with the horses. 

The boys LOVE their grandparents, and all their aunts and uncles. They are the only grandchildren on my side so everybody completely spoils them. They were so happy to see and to play with everyone. Alan and I were also happy, and we enjoyed ourselves.  I wish that we could have been together longer, but it was fun while it lasted. 

Enjoy some other pictures from our weekend. 

Thanks for reading. I'll be checking in lots more this week, I promise. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Toddler Thanksgiving Decorations

One day last week while Theo was taking his nap, Karl and I pulled out all the art supplies and went to town making Thanksgiving decorations. Karl loves to do art, but he tires quickly of drawing one specific thing. If you look at our coloring books each page has one long line (maybe two or three) of color, but nothing more. It's pretty funny! So art projects for him have to be short and sweet. Our first one was a little long, but he endured it pretty well.

He refused to wear clothes that day, all except for underwear. It's actually a common occurrence at our house.  
We first pulled out our HUGE pile of coffee filters and our washable Crayola markers and went to town. Karl had drawn hand turkeys the week before in church and wanted to do that again so we colored leaves and hand turkeys.  The leaves I tried to make in fall colors, but Karl is more imaginative in his coloring scheme and used black and other non-fall colors. I love that about kids, not stuck in a reality that has to follow the "rules" all the time.

Karl's cute and BIG hand. Yeah, he's only three. 

Then we improvised, since I don't have a spray bottle just for water anymore we used an old toothbrush and flicked water at the filters to make the colors run a little. Don't put too much water or the colors will bleed all the way off. We put newspaper under the filters to absorb all the run off water and colors.

Karl LOVES markers and I love the washable ones for that same reason.
Check out that intense concentration. That's how this kid is: intense. 

Karl was bored long before I was with the coffee filters. He did enjoy flicking water at our artwork, but that was about it. What he REALLY wanted to do was to use the glue. So we ripped fall colored paper into squares and glued them on a piece of paper with a tree trunk drawn on. Karl loves glue and loved this activity. At the end I wrote things hat he was thankful for down at the bottom.

We had so much fun spending time together. I love having time with each of my kids seperately and this time was really special for Karl and I. 

We'll be doing more holiday art projects throughout November and December so check back for some more cute pictures of Karl and hopefully Theo as well!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Wonders--Saturdays, Etsy, and Birthdays

This has been an incredibly hard week. It has seemed that very little had gone right. So when it came time to write this post I had to dig deep into my week to look past all my stresses.

My first big news: I sold my first item on my Etsy shop! Hurray! It makes me feel quite happy with myself and my work. It's a small moment of pride that something I made someone else wants to buy! When I saw that email this morning, I went and pounced on my husband who was still asleep, waking him up so that I could share the great news. Haha! Good thing he loves me.

Yesterday, I only had to work about three hours. Normally I work six to eight hours on Saturdays so it was nice to get a break. After we had some lunch, the family decided to head downtown and go to the local planetarium. Follows are a plethora of pictures from that. I can't help it, my boys are just so cute (and handsome, in the case of my husband)!
Just sitin on Mars
Climbing on the Moon!

Fascinated by Newton's machine

Riding the train and watching how the cars bend in order to go around corners

It was fun to have time to just relax with my family and to have fun in a new place. Truthfully, we should have taken the boys to the local high school track, as that would have fulfilled all their dreams. They spent the entire time at the planetarium seeing who could run the fastest, haha! Museums and the like aren't quit their cup of tea yet.

After our little jaunt downtown we went over to my in-laws to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. Casey (my sister-in-law) made an awesome seafood dinner and we surprised Carol Lee that we had come. It was fun to spend such a happy time with them. Tonight is my brother-in-law's birthday so we'll be having another party! Hurray for birthdays!

Happy birthday!

Well, it was a short post today. Thanks for reading! And come back this week for toddler Thanksgiving decorations and some awesome sewing projects!
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