Monday, December 8, 2008


This is going to surprise some when they read it. On Saturday when I woke up I actually wished for snow, yes me, Julie, the snow hater. It just didn't feel like Christmas time to me, it felt more like February or early March and not Christmas time. So yes, I am super happy that it is finally snowing today. I hope that it sticks.

Last night my fancy fiance took me to a concert at the tabernacle. It was a German Christmas program. It was absolutely awesome! The music was beautiful! I really loved when they played the Alp horns. That was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed this concert and it has made me really want to take a German class. I really might do that next semester . . . we'll just see. Though I do need to get my schedule pounded out because the new semester is approaching fast. Eek!

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