Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Because I Can

So I had an epiphany the other day. Mom and I had some issues about the wedding and we weren't talking very clearly. I was pretty upset when we were done talking. Somers wandered in my room and asked if I was okay. I told her that mom and I had fought about the wedding. Then I just spilled everything. I told her how I was sick of planning the wedding, I was sick of social pressures to have a super nice reception, really nice announcements and the best photographer around. I really don't care that much about my receptions and the stupid announcements. All I care about is getting married to the love of my life and sealed for time and all eternity. After that, pictures are important, just because I want something that captures that time. She helped me to see that the social pressures are crap, that I need to do what will make me happy, and for me, that means simple, nice, and not expensive. So there you have it, a nice, simple, inexpensive wedding coming right up!

So yesterday was one of the best days ever!! I was just super happy all day. Yesterday morning Alan took me to play hockey like he does almost every Tuesday. Yesterday was special, as he decided that I was ready to suit up completely. So I decked myself out in all my hockey glory! It was awesome!!!! I really wish I had pictures to post, but I don't have any, pooh! So after hockey, it was just a nice relaxing day. The roomies and I had a lot of fun, just being completely ridiculous (oh and Alan Miller was there also). Lots of fun times! Then Alan, the roomies and I went to our stake's production of From Cumorah's Hill. I felt the Spirit super strong. It was so wonderful! They did a wonderful job.

We hung out at home after that. We put in the movie "Kate and Leopold" and had a good time watching that. I really was missing Alan by that time and so when he showed up at 10 I was so happy! I love him so much. He then asked if I wanted to go to a movie, I said yes and off we went. Valkrye was an awesome movie, I would suggest it to anyone; very, very cool!

Tonight, in about two hours, Alan and I will head over to the hockey rink for his game that starts at 10:30. Right now I'm just sitting here, waiting for him to come home . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Don't let ANYONE talk you in to a photographer you don't want. Even if they are paying for it. Brandon's mom paid for our photo's and I hated them and the photographer it ruined alot of my experience. As far as the reception goes its all just crap. Find someone who will set up and take down for you. It's not super cheap but you get to pick out colors and it will take away soooo much stress. The average price is like $500. But they do it all. Be happy don't let it be an argument you'll wish you hadn't later. Love you! Call me sometime we need to catch up!

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