Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jig!

Well I'm home from my first year of college. It's so crazy to think how fast the past 8 months has flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was sitting where I am now (in my bedroom) playing around on my new computer, surrounded by boxes packing to go to Provo. Now I'm sitting on my bed, playing on my computer, surrounded by boxes packing EVERYTHING that I own so that when I come back from Philmont I can move back down to Provo, into married housing this time. Crazy how time flies and how situations change!

So Alan is now in Egypt. I haven't heard anything from him since he arrived in Austria for a layover. He has a blog that he will be writing on during his summer in Jordan. Here's the link to it in case any of my readers are curious as to what he is up to

So, as I said above, I'm packing right now. I don't really mind packing to tell the truth. It gives me a chance to reminisce and reflect over past experiences. Another reason why I like to pack is because it gives me a chance to rid myself of unwanted or unneeded items. Ask anyone that knows me, especially my mother or Alan, and they will tell you of my lack of sentimentality. I will throw anything away and feel remorse for only about 5 minutes. In my opinion it stems from my wanting to forget things in my past and so I throw away anything that reminds me of that time. But, also, I really have no sentimentality. If something doesn't enrich my life it gets tossed, or if it doesn't have major memories attached, it gets tossed. In summary, I am definitely NOT a pack rat (PS Kari if you read this, you're more than welcome to come get your dresses anytime that you want, I won't throw them away, don't worry, lol).

Yesterday I left Provo. It was hard saying goodbye to all of my roommates except for Krista. Krista and I live in the same town so we're planning on hanging out before I have to go to Philmont. All of us Penrose 80 girls have gotten so close throughout the last 8 months. We are now all best friends and it was really hard to say goodbye. But I will see them again in only 4 months, which is actually not that long of a time. I mean that's how long Alan will be gone, and I'll see him before I see my girlies. So basically it was hard, but I know we will all survive and have a wonderful summer. Anyway girls, I LOVE YOU!!

BUT now I'm home and I get to hang out with my best friend Casey. All through, well most of it, high school Casey and I were stuck at the hip, especially during senior year. I missed her a lot last summer and this school year. She was my other half and I miss her.

Well my parents are calling for me to go upstairs for some lunch, so I'm off!

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Anonymous said...

Ya I'll prolly come grab my dress one of these days :)And just wait till you have been married for a while time goes even faster I still can't believe I'm done with school and beauty school. In fact minus the last 3 months time has been flying by still!

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