Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunny, rainy, windy, cold, hot New Mexico

New Mexico weather is the most bipolar weather anywhere; yes it beats Idaho and Utah combined!

Here I am sitting at Philmont Scout Ranch, I'm actually sitting right outside the SSSAC, Silver Sage Staff Activities Center, basically a rec room for the staff members. Last year it was being built when we got here and they said it would be open June 15. Well June 15 came and went; "Oh July 20" says they; July 20 came and went. "August 18 for sure!" Nope, still closed. They finally dedicated it even though it didn't open until this year, so here I am. It's a nice building and I like it, but it really needs more furniture, which I've been told will be coming in the near future, but from last year's experience my guess is that it won't come until next year.

Last night was rather an adventure. Andrew, Henry, Luke and I were really bored and also hungry. I was hungry because I skipped dinner (I was napping). Andrew and Henry were hungry because they are 6'6" and skinny! Luke is a boy and so is of course always hungry, but he was mostly hungry because dinner was not the best. So we took a trip to Raton. Raton is 34 miles north of Philmont. We left at 9 pm for a Denny's run. It was fun, I had a good time, and thankfully we didn't run into any deer.

Oh story from earlier yesterday. Yesterday afternoon it was raining super hard, I mean like hard, as only new Mexico rain can. Andrew, Charity, Henry, Gene and I decided to go to Cimarron for some ice cream. well we were driving there and all of the sudden an antelope bounded across the road a decent distance in front of us. I thought Andrew (who was driving) had seen the animal but as we got closer I realized he hadn't. I screamed and he swerved. We didn't get hurt but the car was sure hydroplaning. Stupid animals!

That's it for adventures right now!

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