Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Pictures!

These are some pictures that I tweaked a little bit!

I'm Back!

I have neglected by blog for far too long. I am back! And I mean to set this straight!

It's true, I'm married and oh how glorious it is! I really like being married. It's not as if Alan and I are together 24/7 or even close to that, but I love having it just be him and me most of the time. We teach the sunbeams in Primary and that's another reason I love being married, we can be called to the same position and help each other.

But not all of married life is bliss. I still haven't found a job and that's making me really nervous. We need me to get a job so that we can survive. Alan doesn't make enough to pay for all of our expenses and so my income is desperately needed. I've applied to so many jobs and have been turned down on all of them. It's really disappointing. I think that this weekend, while not watching Conference, I'm going to be giving my resume away to as many businesses as I can think of.

That's about it for life right now. Alan and I are happy, I don't have a job, and school is going wonderfully!
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