Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another June Update

The first bit of this past week was really crazy, then it slowed down, and today it was crazy again. Summer term classes started on Monday and I decided to take only one history class and then a religion class. Also on Monday I started a 370 page book for my history class. Alan took me on a date to go bowling--I beat him :D-- and later, in the evening, we went to his hockey game. Sadly his team didn't win, but he scored a sweet goal! Tuesday Alan left for Fort Lewis, Washington where he will be until July 20. Ugh. Wednesday I got to talk to him which was wonderful!

Wednesday and Thursday weren't crazy, just had work and school. My friend Emily and I went bowling after work on Thursday, this time I didn't break 100, but neither did Emily; I guess neither of us wanted to embarrass the other or something, haha! That was a lot of fun and I'm glad we went. Friday I had a quiz on that 370 page book in my history class. I think that I did pretty well on the quiz, but we'll see for sure on Monday. Friday night my friend Courtney and I went and got fruit smoothies and then went to the dollar theater (the ONLY place to see movies in theater). We saw "How to Train Your Dragon." I loved it! I thought that it was such a cute movie, and it was pretty humorous. I totally recommend it.

Today, Saturday, my parent's and Karen came down to drop off furniture from Grandma. Then they helped me to fix our vacuum and clean up the house a little bit. It was so wonderful to see them and it was so awesome of them to help me in the house. My family is wonderful! Too bad that days can't be longer because my in-laws went to the Manti pageant and I totally wish I could have gone with them. I've never been and it would have been wonderful to hang out with them.

My parent's couldn't stay and so now I'm sitting here alone watching Food Network (which is all I watch anymore) and trying to convince myself to do dishes. I'm a little bit lonely right now with my family and Alan gone, especially Alan. I have awesome friends and family that are here for me, but nothing beats having my husband around. I'm just a little lonely. He's only been gone since Tuesday, but it seems like forever since I've heard his voice or seen his face. SIgh, well enough of this self-pity, I'm off to do dishes and then watch a movie/go to bed.

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Emily said...

Thanks for covering for my lack of bowling skills, dude. Hopefully I'll see you soon!

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