Sunday, June 13, 2010

No rest for the weary

Spring term is almost over; finals are next Wednesday and Thursday. I've decided that I really like the shortness of Spring term. Yeah you have a whole semester packed into half the time, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I will probably end up with the same grade I would have gotten if I had taken the classes during a regular semester. I took two history classes which works out to 6 credits. Summer term, which starts next Monday, I'm taking two history classes again, but I'm going to add a religion class (Pearl of Great Price) in there also for a total of 8 credits. The maximum you can take for Spring or Summer term is 9 credits--that equates to about 18 credits during a regular semester--so I'm really going to be pushing myself. And then as soon as Summer term is over (August 11 and 12 are finals) I'll be starting two history Independent Study classes and then taking a religion course during Fall. So as I said, no rest for the weary. It's one of my goals to finish my undergraduate degree and by golly I will!

I'll mention what's happening with my baby for Kari's sake. The pregnancy is going fine, I'm more than half-way done now. We're keeping the gender a surprise, so I refer to the little one as just Baby. No, I'm not worried about what to buy for Baby, or what people are going to buy; green's my favorite color anyway and since Baby won't have a preference on color for some time yet it will work out perfectly. Haha! Alan still is really hoping for a boy; I'll admit I'd really like a boy also, but my gut (no pun intended) tells me that it's a girl. We'll just have to see in October! And no I don't have any pictures to share at this time. Alan and I are being really bad about documenting the pregnancy. I'll try to get some this week.

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