Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BACK and Staying in Business!

I have been inspired by my friend (I hope she also considers me a friend) Katie who writes this awesome blog. She is a very inspiring person so totally go check her blog out.

I'm not necessarily going to turn this into a super crafty blog, because I'm not uber crafty, but I might take a page out of Katie's book every once in awhile and do something a little crafty. And if some of my projects are good enough maybe I'll seven do a tutorial! Crazy huh? But what my main focus is going to be is keeping those who care informed of my life, and having a public place to keep tabs on goals that I'm trying to achieve. So here we go!

First, I'm going to start off by complaining. I know, I know, what a turn on to reading my blog, but that's the beauty of this, it's my blog :D. So complaint: I'm sick. I've got a dang cold that's making me feel like crap! What I hate most about having a cold is that no matter how hard I try I feel like I look like crap. Take yesterday for example. I showered (which doesn't happen every day), straightened my hair, put on my favorite sweater, and gasp! wore makeup. Then before heading out to class I donned my cute black boots and sexy Russian shopka. An overall adorable me walking out the door! But sitting in class I felt uglier than sin. I kept sniffling, coughing, my eyes kept running, and the kicker, I was breathing through my mouth; that always makes me feel like a fish. Blah! Nothing makes me feel uglier than a cold. Hopefully I get over this real soon, because I'm ready to stop feeling like a danged fish!

Enough of the complaining. Tomorrow will be a happy post, I promise! Maybe I'll catch you up on the craziness of being a mom, maybe I'll post about being a student and a mom, or maybe I'll talk about my newest adventures with sewing! Anyway, tomorrow will be happy, so be sure to stay tuned!


Katie said...

1. My ego is so big right now.
2. We are definitely friends.
3. I did not know you were sick when I saw you tonight. And I did not think you were an ugly fish. Nor have I ever.
4. Even if we weren't friends already, we would be now due to the fact that we can bond over our non-showeredness. Sometimes I am a gross kid. Can I just say that?
5. You are cool. And I hope you feel better.

McKenzie Chloe said...

Hahaha, so monday i changed your name on my blog list to "Julie needstoupdateherblog Rosenhan" haha and today you did!

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