Friday, January 28, 2011

Realities of Motherhood Part 1: Fluids

So I'm going to devote a series of posts on my blog about motherhood. I was told by other mothers some things to expect, but lots of what I'm dealing with is stuff that I never heard about. So I'm going to share some things that I've learned about being a mom. These may or may not help other mothers because, well, every kid is different, and these are just the things I've learned with my one child.

First off I want to reiterate that every baby is different; so what holds true for little Killer (what my husband calls our son, it's a play on his initials) does not hold true for every baby out there. Killer is a very liquidy baby. Some form of fluids is always coming out of him, whether it be poop, spit-up/throw-up, or drool. And it has been continuous for the past two months. I can handle the poop (heck, I cloth diaper, I'd better be able to handle the poop), I can even handle the drool (just wipe it up, good to go); but the spit-up, ugh! Spit-up is the grossest thing known to this mother. Killer spits-up all the time. And that is barely hyperbole. The worst is when it's thick and chunky. Okay, sorry, enough of the gross adjectives. But it's gross, really gross. And of course because I hate it so much I get spit up on most every day. Add to that our carpets smelling bad and desperately needing a cleaning; and the fact that I have to do more laundry for my son than for my husband! Regular burp cloths do me no good. Swing by my place anytime and you'll most likely see me draped in a towel trying to keep the nastiness off of my beautiful (well, once beautiful and clean) shirt. Spit-up is mega yucky!

The whole point of this comes down to two things: 1. I never knew that a baby could spit-up this much and still manage to double his birth weight in less than three months; and 2. no one warned me! So I am warning all of you now-babies will spit up and there will be lots of spit-up, EVERYWHERE! Consider yourself warned.

So now to the drool. My adorable son decided to take after his father and start teething early. At 3 months he started drooling, being fussy, having a super runny nose, and being irritable. One little jagged edge of a tooth appeared and since then nothing else has happened. Except for the fact that the drool has increased. He has a constant rash on his face because he drools so much. And it doesn't help that he is always chewing on his hands or sucking his thumb, both of which are adorable but cause him to drool even more and to spread that drool all over his face and my face and my hands, shirt, coat, anything that he touches actually. But it's cute and it's all for a good cause-teeth! So drool, not my favorite thing, but something I can definitely live with. So all you soon-to-be-moms out there, get ready for the drool because this is something that all teething babies will experience.

Poop we're not going to address today. I'll save that for my cloth diaper post. Don't go getting all scared, no I will not do an in depth poop analysis. I don't want to write it and you don't want to hear it. I'll just explain about cloth diapering an infant and how that goes, so you can all breath now. No crazy poop stories, I promise.

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Marie said...

oh, i understand! i was so lucky to not have a super-spitter-upper. but one day, little killer will cease the spitting up. one day....

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