Monday, January 31, 2011

True Friends

Saturday night I was uber tired. Alan was at work and since there was nothing to do, and as I said, I was uber tired, I went to bed at 9:30; well that is until Alan woke me up by calling me. He had just invited some people over for dinner the next day and wanted to make sure that this was okay. I was a little mad at first, he had invited these people over for dinner without asking me about it first and now he expected me to just come up with a meal to feed four people. It didn't help that I was tired and was almost asleep when he called me.

But it worked out perfectly. Alan helped me make dinner and then he felt like rearranging the living room. I told him to forget about it, that that was a Saturday thing to do and that we should just focus on clearing off the table (basically our desk, eating area, dump everything place). Well he pushed on and broke the Sabbath just a little bit ;). Haha! But I'm really estatic about the results. I love the way that he set it up. But moving on from that. Dinner turned out way awesome and though we didn't have quite enough they brought a dessert so it was just fine. So my angst about that was easily brushed off. What made the night was what happened after dinner.

As is wont, we sat down on the couches and talked, just catching each other up on what was going on in our lives. This is where I had a change of heart. I was still being a little bit mad about Alan and his lack of planning, but then we started talking. These friends of ours are some of the best people that I have ever met. They make me want to be a better person. Everything we talked about was tied into the Gospel, literally everything. It is so wonderful. Other couples that Alan and I hang out with we can't do that with, even though they are also members, it just feels weird (I hope you all get what I'm trying to say there), but these wonderful people are different. To be a little cliche, they literally glow. They have such strong testimonies and are so grounded in the Gospel that I felt comfortable bringing out the Ensign and sharing something I had learned from an article in it! We talked about everything from parenting styles, to exercising, to achieving goals. We also discussed budgeting, grocery shopping, and God's tender mercies and how He takes care of His children; with every subject being approached from a Gospel perspective.

After they left (at 11, yikes!) I felt so darn happy, uplifted, and motivated to do better in my own life.  I thanked the Lord for such wonderful friends in our life. They helped to boost Alan and I. The spirit of our house seems lighter after they were here, and both Alan and I have a new, fresh take on life. I want to thank them so much for being our friends and I want to thank the Lord for such friends. I want to be just like them, to be that friend who motivates those around me to do better.
I hope that all of you are blessed enough to have friends in your life who are like this; who will buoy you up when you are down and who will motivate you to become a better person. I hope that you are as blessed as our family is in the friends that you have.

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