Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Baby Killer

With my track record you thought that after such a long hiatus I wouldn't be back, but here I am! I just haven't written most of this week because I don't have anything to say. I still don't have anything to say but I wanted to write and assure you all that I'm still here. 

So this little cutie right here is Killer. He's my adorable five month old. His personality is starting to show now and it's so fun to see it! As the picture above testifies, he's such a happy baby, usually giggling or smiling at whoever is holding him. The only time that he's really cranky is when he's tired or when he's gassy (yep, it happens, babies get gas). Also, he's begun to drool even more than he has been the last two months and chawing down on everything that he can get his hands on. I think that the teething process is quickly picking up speed! I absolutely love being a mom and so far things are going well, but I have a small conundrum. What do I do to entertain him and to teach him at this stage? He does roll, and finally enjoys being on his stomach, but he can't quite sit up by himself yet. He's getting lots better with his hands; for example he loves to grab his pacifier out of his mouth and then try to put it back in by himself. So with those achievements what kinds of games and toys should I give him that will keep developing his motor skills? I often find myself just talking with him while he's in his chair or on the floor while I'm doing homework or dishes. What more can I do to interact with him and help him develop? I want to make sure that he's meeting all of his milestones at the right time and that I'm also improving his brain.  I'm hoping that some of you readers can help me out, since many of you have kids older than mine. Thanks in advance for all your advice! 

And because he's so dang cute, here are some more pictures of the little Killer! 

Super smiley.

Just hanging out on the couch
He's recently found that his thumb tastes good

He was sitting but as soon as I took the picture he fell over, poor kid!

First taste of rice cereal.

BIG blue eyes just like his Grandpa (my dad).


Katie said...

He is such a cutie!

Courtney said...

With you and Alan as parents he was bound to be a good natured baby! So cute... I see he is spending some quality time at 7 Peaks with you. Very nice! You need to get some pictures of YOU with him. ;-)

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