Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing Away

So the other day (Saturday I think it was) I decided that I needed a hobby. Often I'm bored (I know, bored with a kid? It happens, believe me) and I decided that since I like to sew, I'll just get back into it. As you know (because of my last blog post) I don't have a lot of toys for little Killer and so I decided to look on Etsy for some toys that I could make.

Two teething rings
So far I've made a teething ring and I've started a cloth quiet book about colors. Killer is in love with his new teething ring, and it's super nice for me because now he doesn't have to chew on my fingers! Other things on my list include: stackable rings, a quiet book based on the Articles of Faith, and three peas in a pod. I also need to work on some cloth diaper covers that I've had cut out for awhile. Killer is growing too big for his small diaper covers and so I need to finish the medium ones I have started and get going on the large ones.

The one major problem with having sewing as my hobby is that I don't have a sewing space and so the kitchen table and our living room become my sewing room. It's kind of a pain to have the sewing machine on the table while we have dinner and to have diaper covers covering the couch, but Alan is so patient and is just happy that I've found something to do that I really enjoy. Thanks Alan!

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Katie said...

Good for you to get back into sewing Julie! I really think it is so important to have a hobby as a stay at home mom. Otherwise there are days when you really do just get crazy bored. Haha. I'm excited to see how all your fun projects turn out!

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