Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sooner rather than Later

Well I'm back before I thought I'd be. It's late and I'm tired, but I've got a little spare time to do some blogging.

Alan and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate his new slot in the National Guard. He is going to be driving tanks (which is what he always wanted). He got this position through the graciousness of his Lt. Colonel and some people that he knows. April is going to be bringing some pretty big changes for us. We had planned on staying where we are for now because Alan got a slot with the Utah National Guard, but now that's not the plan. We're hoping that in May he'll be sent off for his 18 week training that will take place in Oklahoma. From everything Alan has read on Army internet forums, they highly encourage families to go with their serviceman to the training and so Killer and I will hopefully be joining him. Eighteen weeks is a reeeaaallllly long time. . . .  After that little move, Alan hopes to go to Ranger school and a couple of other Army schools. So he'll be gone for another couple of months to Georgia most likely, and I'll be, well, I'll be wherever I can find a place. After all this training is over, we will settle into our new city. I know, I'm a blogger and only so many things can be secure on the internet, but I'm not going to post exactly where we will be. If you're curious shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'll email you.

So we're excited for the opportunities that have been opened up for us and our little family. It will be an adventure, but we are both excited and ready to tackle the world head on!


Emily said...

I want to know where you will be! I'm so excited for you guys!

Katie said...

Oh yay! Such great news! And so funny that you just found out after our conversation the other day! How soon will you be going? And to where?

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