Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Nights (usually)

So this happened to be a Tuesday night, but Wednesdays are usually hockey nights. Alan has been playing on a men's league hockey team for the past, uhh . . . let's say four years, because he's not here to give me the exact number. Alan plays goalie for a team called the Chiefs. The Chiefs were started about four years ago and the same guys have been on the team since the beginning. A few have been added here and there and a few have been subtracted over the past couple of years, but overall the team hasn't changed. These guys have become like brothers; they hang out off the ice, and on the ice they can read each other like open books. The wives of the Chiefs have also become great friends. We sit together at all of the games, and often have a hard time focusing on what's happening on the ice because we are chatting. I have become great friends with the wives and I want to thank them for welcoming me so warmly into their midst.

Sadly the Chiefs are about to be disbanded. A couple of them have already graduated, but stayed around the Provo ares. About half of the rest of them are graduating this year; most like us are moving very soon after. Those who have already graduated have either moved this year or are moving very soon. We're all growing up and moving on with our lives. It's exciting, but sad to be ending this part of our lives.

Last night was the last regular game of the season; playoffs are about to start. It was the perfect game to end this season. We won 5-3, with the last goal being on an empty net. Our opponents, Roadkill, were spectacular and were up 3-0 until the end of the second period. It was an amazing game because the teams were so evenly matched. Roadkill was faster than the Chiefs by a long shot, but we had better passing and better plays. In the end, the Chiefs pulled ahead and we won, 5-3. It was a perfect ending to four years of Wednesday night hockey.


I write this post as a tribute to our friends on the Chiefs. Thanks for all the wonderful times over the past four years. I appreciate your friendship. I really hope that we can keep in touch, and stay close as our jobs take us far apart. This is a tribute to Wednesday nights at the Peaks Ice Arena. Goodbye Chiefs!

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Courtney said...

Good hockey pictures! I'm surprised that you are able to get so many good ones with a squirming little one with you. *sigh* It makes me miss old times of being there and having someone of interest to watch. LoL

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