Friday, February 4, 2011

Wishing for Warmth

So I have a problem; a major problem. Like many people out there I get email ads from numerous companies, like Target, IKEA, etc. Those aren't the problem. The problem is places like DownEast Basics, Modbe, and most especially Shabby Apple. After I get these emails I go to their sites and drool over all of there beautiful clothes and dresses. I AM ADDICTED TO ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING! Yeah, it's pretty bad. I'll be on sites like those forever just gazing at the clothes and thinking about what I would look like in them. Haha! Oh well, for our budget it's definitely better that I'm just looking and not buying.

The above mention sites are not my sponsors as I have no sponsors, but I must share this jewel that I found today. Shabby Apple just launched a new dress line called South Pacific and I have fallen head over heels for it. I've wanted a cute little summer/sun dress for the past five years; I have just never found one that I adore, until today. It's the Shabby Apple Garden Isle dress. I love the multiplicity of bright colors; the full skirt; the knee-length; and the high collar. This dress just screams summer to me and makes me wish that the warmth was here now. I would love to be able to walk around in this dress with some simple white sandals, a big floppy white hat, and a beautiful beaded bracelet.

But their whole South Pacific line is stunning, so go check it out. All their dresses are so beautiful that I might change my mind on which one is my favorite by tomorrow! (Actually I already have changed my mind about 5 times, hehe!)

The sad part about all of this window shopping is that I can't afford any of Shabby Apple's lovely dresses. I don't feel that any of them are over priced, but as a poor college student this is not in our budget. Sigh! But thinking about it, even if I had the money to buy one I'd have a hard time spending so much on one little item. Maybe someday--a very, very far off day--I'll let myself splurge just a little on such a gorgeous dress.


Katie said...

1. I wish it was spring. And I'm talking WARM spring. None of that ridiculous snowing at the end of May nonsense. (You know what I meant.)

2. A few of my best friends and I totally went through a sundress phase a few years back. It was an obsession. I think we're still in it. Unfortunately, I look pretty dumb in dresses. Sad, but true.

Marie said...

some of my favorites, though i'm not sure i could pull off wearing any of them.

i think this one would be lovely as a maternity dress!

and this one i just found amusing, mostly because it's a maternity dress and it's called "virgin strawberry daquiri"

Kari Lynn said...

You and me both! I can't lie I adore that dress too, it's just so perfect!! One of these days Julie you and I will have real money and we will have to go real shopping together :)

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