Friday, April 8, 2011

New toys

Today was an inside kind of day. Outside it's rainy, and sleeting, and really cold. So Killer and I threw on some comfy clothes, spread out a fat, fluffy comforter and pulled out all the toys. I had Killer practice sitting up (which he's getting really good at) and practice trying to crawl. When Killer was a newborn he absolutely hated tummy time, then as he got older he started to like it more, and now, just when he's so close to crawling he hates it again. He'll sit there whining and crying until I turn him over or sit him up. What a stinker!

Enough about my cute, little boy and on to the real reason for this post. Since we spent most of the day inside I, of course, had to pull out the old sewing machine and make something. I decided to make a couple of new toys for Killer since he seems to be tiring of his old ones.

I got the idea for this teething giraffe off of Etsy. I know what you're all thinking and it's true, I'm a copy cat. I'm not so great at thinking up original ideas and so I just steal other peoples'. The giraffe is made from cotton fabric, is stuffed to the gills with stuffing, and has a tail made of braided embroidery floss. It took me about ten minutes to draw a pattern that I was satisfied with, but I think it ended up very nice.  

Here's Killer with his new toy. For the longest time I couldn't get him to actually chew on it, which was my intention; it is a teething giraffe after all. But he soon got the hang of it.

It turned out fine, but I decided that the next giraffe needed a lot more stuffing. So more stuffing was exactly what giraffe number 2 got.
See how nicely they stand?
This one I  made a little bit bigger, which makes it look better. The other difference is that it has a braided tail of yarn. I love how number 2 turned out! I'll probably be making a million more of these with all the fabric scraps I have lying around.

My other toy project I actually made yesterday, but I have to share it with you.

Meet Big Blue the big, blue whale! I got the pattern from Jess's blog Craftiness is not optional. Looking back on her post I realize that her whales' eyes are a lot farther back.  Huh; that's probably why mine looks so funny . . . . Oh well, Killer doesn't seem to mind:
Or maybe he does and he's actually laughing at Big Blue . . . .

What an awesome stay inside day it has been! I hope you all had and are having an excellent Friday!

P.S. Just one more picture because I think it's adorable!

He got his pacifier in his mouth all by himself

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Kari Lynn said...

Haha killer is laughing at the whale so fun. I wish I could say I am going to be as crafty as you... but I'm pretty sure I won't. The stuff you are making looks great Julie keep it up!!

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