Monday, November 4, 2013

Sewing for Boys--Embroidered Hockey Shirt

Hockey is the number one sport of choice in my house. My husband played for the university we went to, I dabbled in it in college as well, and my husband has played in men's leagues since before we were married. So my children have grown up watching a lot of hockey, especially Karl. Karl lives and breathes hockey (and baseball, but that's another story). He's constantly playing hockey in the living room. He knows who NHL players Sid Crosby, Patrick Kane, and Pavel Datsyuk are. He has a better slap shot than I do, and knows how to drop down on the puck like any good goalie. Everything in our house revolves around hockey, including his clothes.
Goalie shirt I made him to go with some hockey pajama bottoms

All decked out, ready to play hockey.

My new sewing machine (bought in early September) is also an embroidery machine. It's the Brother Innov-is 950D. I wasn't specifically looking for a embroidery machine, but the machine was such a steal that I ended up with one. Boy am I happy I did! It's so much fun! I've mostly just used it on scrap pieces of fabric, but when I bought this Riley Blake polka dot fabric and decided to make Karl a shirt, I just knew I had to embroider something on it.
Slap shot!

The pattern was an old '70's era pattern that I picked up from my aunt (thanks Cindy!). It is a perfect fit! Good thing, because it was one of those "only one size actually comes in the pattern" patterns. It won't be too long (read, a few weeks) before it's going to be too short. The fabric, as I mentioned, is a Riley Blake polka dot. The dots are small and in an almost triangular pattern.

He's the best at cheesy smiles, I love it!

My machine came with a CD full of embroidery patterns. Lucky for my boys it has a whole section dedicated to sports. I gave Karl the choice between a hockey player or a baseball player to put on his pocket. He promptly chose the hockey player. I did it in a yellow to match the fabric colors.  In this picture you can see the polka dot pattern better.

When I first bought this fabric I was actually determined to make pants for him. Polka dot pants would be so adorable! Especially with front and back pockets detailed with piping. My husband put his foot down hard. It wasn't like he was going to stop me, but he kept saying that polka dots pants would be too ridiculous. So I dove into my stash of patterns and pulled this button-down shirt out. It was instantly a winner with my husband. Though I'm still determined to make some polka dot pants (or striped pants, or plaid pants, or houndstooth pants) I'm glad that I used the fabric in this shirt because I love how it turned out. 

Plain white buttons, sewed on with orange thread. I did the sewing on the buttons horizontally to match the buttonholes. It is a little funky, but I love it!

I used a decorative stitch on my machine for the shirt hem, the sleeve hem, and on the pocket. It reminds me of those cheesy shirts that you see gamblers wear. I told my sister that and she looked at me like I'd lost my head. Haha! I love adding fun stitches like that and I'm so glad that I did to this shirt. I think it just adds another level of cuteness (honey if you're reading this I mean awesomeness, your sons are manly, not cute ;) ). 

I thought I had a close up of that stitching, but I guess not. You can see it on the pocket and part of the sleeve hem in one of the above photos. It's done in a teal thread. Teal is my absolute favorite color right now. If only I had a girl because teal, coral pink and with gold accents is my favorite color scheme and I'm really wanting to decorate a room with those colors.

Anyway, back to the shirt. I love everything about it! It fits him well, the experimenting I did with regards to my embroidery machine went smoothly and Karl loves it. So it's a win all around.  Check back on Wednesday for some goodies that I made for me!

Are we done yet mom? 

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Kade and Stephie said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging regularly! This inspires me to actually make something with my machine, although it would have to be something more simple. Your boys are adorable and I love the shirt! :)

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