Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Toddler Thanksgiving Decorations

One day last week while Theo was taking his nap, Karl and I pulled out all the art supplies and went to town making Thanksgiving decorations. Karl loves to do art, but he tires quickly of drawing one specific thing. If you look at our coloring books each page has one long line (maybe two or three) of color, but nothing more. It's pretty funny! So art projects for him have to be short and sweet. Our first one was a little long, but he endured it pretty well.

He refused to wear clothes that day, all except for underwear. It's actually a common occurrence at our house.  
We first pulled out our HUGE pile of coffee filters and our washable Crayola markers and went to town. Karl had drawn hand turkeys the week before in church and wanted to do that again so we colored leaves and hand turkeys.  The leaves I tried to make in fall colors, but Karl is more imaginative in his coloring scheme and used black and other non-fall colors. I love that about kids, not stuck in a reality that has to follow the "rules" all the time.

Karl's cute and BIG hand. Yeah, he's only three. 

Then we improvised, since I don't have a spray bottle just for water anymore we used an old toothbrush and flicked water at the filters to make the colors run a little. Don't put too much water or the colors will bleed all the way off. We put newspaper under the filters to absorb all the run off water and colors.

Karl LOVES markers and I love the washable ones for that same reason.
Check out that intense concentration. That's how this kid is: intense. 

Karl was bored long before I was with the coffee filters. He did enjoy flicking water at our artwork, but that was about it. What he REALLY wanted to do was to use the glue. So we ripped fall colored paper into squares and glued them on a piece of paper with a tree trunk drawn on. Karl loves glue and loved this activity. At the end I wrote things hat he was thankful for down at the bottom.

We had so much fun spending time together. I love having time with each of my kids seperately and this time was really special for Karl and I. 

We'll be doing more holiday art projects throughout November and December so check back for some more cute pictures of Karl and hopefully Theo as well!

Thanks for reading!

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Marie said...

Love the first two things on his list: Jesus, then hockey. Good kid!

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