Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Wonders--Saturdays, Etsy, and Birthdays

This has been an incredibly hard week. It has seemed that very little had gone right. So when it came time to write this post I had to dig deep into my week to look past all my stresses.

My first big news: I sold my first item on my Etsy shop! Hurray! It makes me feel quite happy with myself and my work. It's a small moment of pride that something I made someone else wants to buy! When I saw that email this morning, I went and pounced on my husband who was still asleep, waking him up so that I could share the great news. Haha! Good thing he loves me.

Yesterday, I only had to work about three hours. Normally I work six to eight hours on Saturdays so it was nice to get a break. After we had some lunch, the family decided to head downtown and go to the local planetarium. Follows are a plethora of pictures from that. I can't help it, my boys are just so cute (and handsome, in the case of my husband)!
Just sitin on Mars
Climbing on the Moon!

Fascinated by Newton's machine

Riding the train and watching how the cars bend in order to go around corners

It was fun to have time to just relax with my family and to have fun in a new place. Truthfully, we should have taken the boys to the local high school track, as that would have fulfilled all their dreams. They spent the entire time at the planetarium seeing who could run the fastest, haha! Museums and the like aren't quit their cup of tea yet.

After our little jaunt downtown we went over to my in-laws to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. Casey (my sister-in-law) made an awesome seafood dinner and we surprised Carol Lee that we had come. It was fun to spend such a happy time with them. Tonight is my brother-in-law's birthday so we'll be having another party! Hurray for birthdays!

Happy birthday!

Well, it was a short post today. Thanks for reading! And come back this week for toddler Thanksgiving decorations and some awesome sewing projects!

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