Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend Wonders

As I mentioned in a previous post  I want to blog four times a week. One of those times is going to be during the weekend. I want to do a gratitude/what I love about my life, kind of post in order to help me see the beautiful in the world around me, and call the series "Weekend Wonders." At heart I am a pessimist. If you met me, you might never know that, as I always seem to be smiling and laughing, but I always assume the worst will happen. I want to bring myself up out of that pessimism and start looking at life with the glass half-full.

Each time I'll mention a few things that I'm grateful for, or that went really well this week.

We had a really good week here at our house, and so I've got quite a few wonders to tell you about.

We went down and celebrated my best friend's birthday with here. We used to live right next door, but we moved in April and only get to see them once a month or so. It was so great to visit with them again. I love talking with her and her family. We agree on so much and we know each other very well. I miss living next to them, but we always have fun when we get together

We had some really warm days this last week and the little boys and I went out to play. Lots of baseball and golfing was played. I love watching them play together and playing with them, especially outside.

My husband and I started a new plan to get out of debt. I'm really thankful that we are both on the same page about this and that our communication is open. I love working as a team with my husband to accomplish goals, and this is the biggest goal we have ever tackled. We're using Dave Ramsey's plan, check out his website for more information. 

My kids in their Halloween costumes. We don't do trick-or-treating at our house; neither my husband or I enjoy it. But we did go to a Halloween party and dressed up the kids. Karl was a hockey player and Theo was an Army PT stud.

Thanks for reading my blog! Stay tuned for more projects this week, including Karl's hockey shirt, some tops for me, and why Theo never gets any mom-made clothes. 

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