Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Im sorry that I've been such a slacker lately. My pregnancy is kicking my butt and I've been stressed with work and other things. So we'll start with updates and then list some blogging goals I have for this year.

Pregnancy update: I'm 12 weeks along as of today. I haven't been throwing up, but I spent weeks 4-8 nauseated ALL the time. From week 8 until now I've been battling intense fatigue. All of this is normal pregnancy stuff, but I've never experienced it at quite this level. Both of my boys were incredibly easy (yes, I know, I'm lucky and I thank The Lord everyday for blessing me, I also ask him to bless all of you who don't have it easy. I've barely started to show, so no pictures of the bump yet. 

Sewing: For Christmas my mom bought me some beautiful knit from one of my favorite sites, Girl Charlee. I've been slowly turning this knit into maternity shirts. I'm going to be sharing those in the next week. 

The Family: Alan is doin well with his second semester of grad school. In his spare time he's been building the boys a bunk bed and fixing the car.

That's a picture of one of the oil puddles in our driveway. Ugh, our car is a mess right now. 

Karl and Theo had an amazing Christmas. They were spoiled by both sets of grandparents. We're blessed to have such great families. 
Big thanks to Uncle Nathan and Aunt Danica for the amazing tree!

This is Karl playing with the puzzles that Theo got for Christmas. Haha! It's funny how they switched a lot of toys. 

My parents came into town on the 26th. It was fun to spend time with them. I also got to spend time with my cousin Kari who lives in Ohio and my cousin Suzie. I love those ladies! 

Now for some more cute photos from Christmas time.

Okay, blogging. I'm sorry that I've been very MIA. My goal this year is to try and blog three times a week. I might be able to stop working in February and if that's the case then I can definitely reach this goal. But I ask patience of all if you if this doesn't happen every week. I'm swamped and sometimes feeling incredible stressed and want nothing more than to sit with a cup of hot chocolate and read a good book. I will try to keep you updated with our life at the very least. Thanks for reading and sticking with me! Happy new year! 

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